Affiliated Business Disclosure

 (To Comply with Federal Law)

This is to give you notice that VIP Realty - Commercial a division of VIP Realty Group, Inc. has a business relationship with the following companies: Title Group Services, LTD. #A265826 and Mortgage Group Services LLC NMLS#377302. The nature of the relationship made by the companies is provided here in.
Title Group Services, LTD. #A265826 provides title insurance policies, title examinations, and closing services. VIP Realty Group, Inc. and certain members of its management and sales team are stockholders in Title Group Services, Ltd. and may receive a return on their investment as stockholders.
The State of Florida Department of Insurance sets the minimum rates for title insurance. Title Group Services, LTD. #A265826 fees are in accordance with those rates. Other related charges would be based upon the actual services selected by you and your lender, if any.
Mortgage Group Services LLC NMLS#377302 provides the services of mortgages and brokers them to financial institutions. Mortgage Group Services LLC NMLS#377302 is a subsidiary of VIP Realty Group, Inc.
Rates offered by Mortgage Group Services LLC NMLS#377302 are competitive in the Southwest Florida market. See Good Faith Estimate and itemized costs when applying for a loan. A lender is allowed to require the use of an attorney, credit reporting agency or real estate appraiser chosen to represent the lender's interest.
We do not require that you use Title Group Services, LTD. #A265826 or Mortgage Group Services LLC NMLS#377302 as a condition for closing on the subject property. The rates for these services may vary with other settlement providers; however, we believe that our companies can out perform their competitor in efficiency, accuracy and personal service.

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